Thursday, April 9, 2009

Is Where Kinnavieve Gets Help From Some Friends

Hello gentle readers. And Bellbell.

I haven't been raiding for a while, due to the team's RL avatar being kinda borked, and Ratters hogging the computer when he isn't. I've been working on paying for epic flying training, earning some reputation here and there, but nothing special.

Last night I ran into Shianti, one of our guild's healers, and she said "Wow, your pants suck - let's see if we can get you some better ones in VH." She can be kinda, well, frickin' blunt. But she used that bluntness to wrangle up some dps and off we went!
Well, we weren't able to get the tanking pants to drop (stupid stinky dragon), but it was a productive evening anyway!
So thanks Kashi, Celli, and Jerk for killing things, and especially thanks to Shianti, for making it happen. Maybe we'll get to try again in a week or so.


Odynae said...

Damn dragon. Good on you for the achievements, though!

Misneach said...

Can't get those pants to drop for me, either. Ran it a couple of times a week or so ago, but at least guildies ended up with the purples that did drop.

Gratz on the achievements!

Taveena said...

Kinna...congrats on the achievements n' all, but every time I see you? I just think you need a haircut. Seriously, what you're using right now is all... death-knighty. Like, short and dark and evil. Like gnomes. And no-one likes gnomes, right? So have a haircut unless you want gnomes going at your head.

Khol Drake said...

Heh...Kinna's pants didn't's like that's a surprise or something...silly stuck up paladins. :D

Misneach said...

@Khol: That's hilarious.