Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Linnshi and Chu

"Hey, Linnshi?"

"Yes, Chu?"

"What's that naked orc doing on our dock?"

"Looks like he's fishing."

"Yeah, I can see that he's fishing. But where did he come from?"

"I don't really know. He just swam up out of the ocean, climbed up on the dock, and him and Nat fistbumped. So I guess Nat knows him. Anyway, he gave him a rod and a chair and a hat, so I figure it's okay for him to be here."

"Couldn't Nat have given him some pants? This is Angler's Wharf, we're the central spot of fishing for all Pandaria, we have to maintain our standards .... or decorum .... or something. Dignity? Anyway, we can't have orcs wandering around naked."

"But he's not wandering, he's fishing. And drinking beer. And besides, he's got a hat, so he's not really naked."

"Don't be silly, Linnshi. He's all green and exposed and, uh, rippling and scars and, well, wet .... glistening ....  muscles ... It's not proper!"

"You don't know the half of it. I got a good look when he climbed up."

"Linnshi, you shouldn't-"

"You should go sneak a peek."

"I'm a married Pandaren now, I can't be-"

"He's amazingly virile."


"You know you want to."

"I .... can't believe .... really .... how could you .... well, I suppose, I could, maybe, go over on the east dock, a bit, check the lines, look around, you know, wouldn't hurt, I guess. Yeah. I should go do that."

"Thatta boy, Chu."


Calamity Jess said...

I knew ol' Ratshag couldn't be gone :P

Sephrenya said...

Welcome back Ratshag! You have been missed.

Grimmtooth said...

Well isn't that the best new thing on the internet today. BEST surprise.

dechion said...

There's a few blogs I still keep in the 'ol reader, just in case.

Welcome back.

Navimie said...

was he gone? :D He was still around pottering about doing other things... :P

James Flinders said...

Ah Ratters I missed your crazy self. Welcome back sir.

Just Me said...

Yes Ratters, it is great to have you back. Hoping you had a good break and are ready for a another long run

Steve Hall said...

Sure glad I had a reason to actually look at Twitter this morning! Welcome back, old friend!