Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet Me At The Adjective Noun

I always liked me a tavern with a nice two-word name. "The Prancing Pony". "The Kneeling Man". "The Vulgar Unicorn". Okay yeah them's is techicallies three words, but the "the" don't count. Me blog, Me rules. Shorter names, like "Cheers", and longer ones, like "Saint Bob's 58th Street Bar and Grill and Wenches", just never really did it fer me. Dunno why.

Anywho, I's plannin' fer ta have an inn in me garrison. Or mebbe a tavern. Ain't really sure which the difference is. Anywho, a place where adventurers can come in from the rain, sit by a roarin' fire, flirt with the servin' persons, share a bed with Ishmael an' Queequeg, meet they's fellow adventurers an' exchange banters like "My name? My name??!? Tell me my name, or I shall kill you!" (Ya had ta be there fer that one. Trust me, it were funnies.)

But me tavern gonna need a name. I ain't thinkin' what Blizz'll give it a good one for me, so I done went ta the Red Dragon Inn (see, two words) and used they's random name generator fer ta come up with a few. You buggers like any of these?

The Angry Eunuch
The Elven Harlot
The Thirsty Lute
The Hairy Giant
The Dented Shield
The Flirting Friar
The Yawning Wyrm
The Drunk Duck
The Wanton Kobold
The Ribald Paladin

Alternativelies, the random generator in me brain decided fer ta spit these ones out:

The Awkward Gigolo
The Angry Bird
The Discontinuous Icosahedron
The Painted Druid
The Iron Beard
The Snoring Elephant
The Brass Knuckles
The Spinning Princess

Decisions, decisions .... is good thing I got another couple months fer ta figger this one out.


Grimmtooth said...

A brief note on nomenclature.

An inn is a place where you sleep it off in your room.

A tavern is a place where you sleep it off on the tavern floor.

Well, that's what I heard.

Also, may I suggest, "The Continuum Transfunctioner".

Grimmtooth said...

Oh, wait - "Continuum" isn't an adjective.

As you were.

Ratshag said...

No, but "The Transfunctioning Continuum" would work.

Tracey said...

The Dented Shield. Subtly furnished and decorated with damaged war goods. Owner's choice whether said goods are heroic remnants or vanquished enemies.

Zombiepirate said...

The Wanton Kobold for some reason stands out and makes me chuckle

Redbeard said...

Angry Eunuch is just an apt description, not a tavern name.

Just Me said...

From the names listed I would have to agree with the dented shield also.

You could go with a more descriptive name like "The Virile Orc" or for Maurice, "The Swooning Wimmenz".

navimie said...

I tend to like animal names. Now i want to think of one for myself.
The crying wolf
The cheeky monkey
The dancing flamingo
The fat kodo
The pink elekk

Omg that's it pink elekk. That's what i would call it.

Siha said...

Our tabletop gaming campaigns always feature an inn, tavern, pub or bar called The Dirty Habit.

(We've always assumed it's run by a transdimensional order of nuns with a sense of humour.)

Triscribe said...

I'd go with The Drunk Duck, and have on your outdoor hanging-sign the image of a schnockered Donald.