Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Long Dark Nightmare May Finallies End

Years ago, way back before achievements done became team-wide, way back even befores achievements even existed, me and some of the others on the team signed up fer the brew of the month club. Was fun, haullin' beers and racin' around on yer ram. Was fun, gettin' a new beer in the mail every month fer a year. Was fun, puttin' up posts like this one. Was fun, finishin' up the whole set.

But then, they didn't stop. They didn't. Fuhggin'. Stop.

The beers kept comin', year afters year afters year. Cloggin' the mailboxes. Warnings from altoholic what mail's gonna expire on six different toons. Like that magazine with the cute talkin' rabbits an' stories about brave kids in China or Norway what ya signed up fer when yer seven but is still showin' up in yer mailbox when yer twenty-eight and ya cain't find a way ta tell thems ta stop holy guacamole I ain't sent in a check since forevers please fer the love of Elune and Sargeras make it stop!

Ya know, when I starts ta feel this way about free beer, is a sign what it be too much free beer.

But is good news. The dataminers done found a letter what we gonna get ta send in the Country Bumpkins of Draenor expansion: "Angry Brewfest Letter. Use: Cancel your Brew-of-the-Month Club membership." So, so readies fer ta let this bugger fly. "WARNING: Once an angry letter is sent, you will never be able to join the Club again!" Dude, that ain't a warning, that there's a big fat honkin' dollop of icing on the glubbernuggin' cake.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think the important question is - will I be allowed to send three angry letters?

Because the guys on my time what signed up for it? They each get three free beers every month.