Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rating Things What Happened While I Were Dead

Many pandas. And they drink beer! Many beer! Ain't no way a fluggernubber cain't be down with that. A

Secret Weapons
Garrosh done went ta Pandalandia an' found hisself a whole buncha arse-kickin' secret weapons. Like, um, a bell. And, well, the non-beating heart of a dead Thing. An' a buncha statues. At least the dinosaur with frickin' laser beams was cool. Bold warrior what he be, he decided fer ta take all these weapons an' (rather than attack) hide under Org an' promptlies lose the war. Good job there, kodo-droppings-fer-brains. D-

We can done name our pets an' collect'em in the wild an' fight battles an' damn this be fun lil' Pokeclone fer Punkerdubbers. A-

Hey, hey, we's the monks. An' people say we monk around. But we's too busy rollin' an' doin' that freaky cool flyin' crane kick thing, to put nobodies down. B

"I'm gonna ook you in da dooker" done be the best made-up cuss words since "fluggernubber". Plus, ya know, talkin' monkeys. B+

Angry klepto vegetarians wearin' diapers. Thinks there were an episode of "My Strange Addiction" what covered that alreadies. C

Sunsong Ranch
Dad always wanted me fer ta be a farmer. Ain't no place better fer ta kick back with a cold bottle of Uncle Bonechomper's Day Old Piss an' watch a fresh crop of raptorleaf try ta snag young Andi. A

The Timeless Isle
After years of listenen' ta folks say "Fuhg you, Blizz! We's sick of questin' on rails!" Blizz done decided fer ta respond. "Fuhg me? Fuhg you! Here's an entire zone with almost no quest chains at all. An' we ain't gonna give you no more content for a whole year. Grind! Grind, beeyotches, grind!" C+


Anonymous said...

Timelost Isle. It's funny coz it's true.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ratters! I've missed you so! What a lovely.surprise to show up in my feed reader!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, what is that appearing out of the mists? No, it cannot be! Welcome back!

Kibon f/k/a SpiritusRex

sass said...

We seem to be on a similar time frame for wandering back to see what has happened. I approve of your grades. Carry on, sir, Carry on.

Anonymous said...