Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A True Priest Stitches Her Own Long Johns

Professions in WoD: Part 1 of Several

I were gonna call this "A True Warrior Forges His Own Axe", but I done used that sayin' a few times over the years so I figgers it be time fer a change. Besides, this one done cover the topic just as well.

So latelies I been sneakin' me some peeks inta the beta, 'cause, well, I's a curious bugger an' the done left the door unlocked. In particulars I were interested in professions, 'cause them buggers done change every expansion. And I was not disappoint. Now, some of you buggers may be wantin' fer to go in blind, so outta respects I gonna pause here an' throw up some pictures of priests an' long johns. Gonna be spoilers below. Ya been warned.

And we's back.

So. Professions. Great googly moogly, Blizz done changed'em.

Fer starters, they all be followin' the same model now fer craftin' stuff. Each profession got a daily transmute what turns raw mats inta processed mats. These then get used fer ta make armor, weapons, flasks, et ceteras. Because the processed mats be soulbound, ya cain't just go ta the auction house and stock up fer ta accelerates, nor can ya hand mats ta a guildie an' say "Makes me an two-handed frammerwhitzle" no mores. We's gonna be locked inta dailies forevers. Fortunatelies, they did done throw us a few bones fer ta speed it up a bit.

Bone numbers one: ya ain't gotta do none of it. professions no longer gives a raid bonus (no fur linin', no extra sockets, no BoP shoulder enchants). No benefits at all. So ya can skip professions alltagethers, if that be yer bag.

Bone number two: Garrisons. Gonna talk more about these later, on account of I ain't talkin' 'bout them now.

Bone number three: these daily transmutes can be learned at skill 1. Is right, a brand spankin' new rookie can make super-dooper epic dookickeys. An' the more skills ya got, the fasters it go. Fer anybody's with skill less than 600, ya gets four processed mats fer every transmute. At 600, this goes up ta five (fer the same number of raw mats). By the time ya gets ta 700, yer pullin' down ten processed mats per cooldown. Also, at that point yer cooldowns get charges, like a monk's rollin'. Ya can blow three dailies all at once, bang-bang-bang. They only recovers one per day, so ya ain't craftin' no faster, but it saves ya the troubles of havin' ta log log in every day. Which be kinda spiffy.

Okay, that's all I's gonna say fer taday. Is more details comin' in Part 2, which will be whenevers I feel like writin' it. Maybe.

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