Friday, September 5, 2014

Yup, I Was Dead

Dead. I was dead as Marley's doornail. I was flatter than the Dixie Flatline. Pretty much blowed ta a million or so pieces along with ol' Deathing when he done farted out a batshit crazy load of Old Gods. Boy, I was dead.

So what happened? Well, remembers, this all done happened on Therazane the Stonemother's front porch, with Alex the Life-Bender an' Ysera the dragon hippy standin' by. Ain't no way them fine wimmenz was gonna let all that amazingly virile orcflesh go ta waste. So they gathered an' slapped an' binded an' hoisted me ta the top of a tower durin' a thunderstorm an' shouted "It's alive!". Or sumthin'. Sheeeit, I was dead, I cain't be bothered fer ta remember the details.

Anywho, afters, I weren't dead no more. So, afters takin' time fer ta thank them alls personally, I done headed out fer Pandalandia so's I could kick some names an' take some arse. Shoot first an' ask questions afters. Capture Anduin then let the little bugger go again five or six times. Whichevers.

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Is that you? REALLY YOU??!!!