Thursday, December 1, 2011

TRANSMOGALYPSE! Ratshag: Molten Rage

Is a reason what Chess be called "The Game of Kings." Is 'cause orc warriors suck donkey balls at it. Our opening moves tend ta go like:
1. e4 Nf6
2. e5 Nd5
3. d4 d6
4. Shout and smash the glubbernuggin' board with yer axe

Now, I's had me arena Season 1 shoulders and gauntlets since they was the schnitzle, as me friend BRK would say. If'n ya looks up at the blog banner, ya can see me wearin' 'em, long with a ton of TBC gear what be long since vendored. But I never got me the matching brainbucket, 'cause fer one I were usin' me Helm of Holy Crapfuhg That Be Ugly which had decent pvp stats so I spent me tokens or badgers or whatever fuhg were the currency back then on other stuffs. And fer two, well, we all know me brains ain't all that valubles.

But then few months ago the Transmogalypse be announced and sez ta meself, "Self? What we gotta do get that hat?" Well, turns out only way were fer ta buy it with one of them tokens Prince carries, way up top of Kara. But fer ta gets ta Prince, ya gots ta beat Medivh at Chess, and that be were things get trickies. Normalies, ya gots nine friends with ya, helpin' move yer grunts and shoutin' helpfuls like "The worg, Ratters! Move the worg!" but me friends is busy doin' they's things so they ain't availables this time. And Medivh cheats, the dumpergunker. So I been roflstomping me way up the tower, then settling in fer a long slow session of gettin' me arse whipped until I'd get lucky and Medivh'd pull a stupid outta his sleeve. Sometimes I'd beat him on the third go-round, sometimes on the twentieth. But eventuallies I'd knock his king's arse down, and the doors ta the pinnacle would open and I'd go show Prince what he faced Ratshag alone, what I had no legions ta command, and what that didn't matter nohows anyway.

And then he'd drop the wrong token. Every. Single. Freakin'. Time.

But now the Transmogalypse be upon us, and some goblins in Area 52 done figured out what there be gold ta be made sellin' obsolete arena gear. Well, there's honor points ta be made, but I guess they's got some use fer them. So out ta Netherstorm I goes, and picks up me last piece of gear. And now me transmog set be complete.

Is the followings:
Head: Gladiator's Plate Helm
Shoulders: Gladiator's Plate Shoulders
Hands: Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets
Waist: Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable
Legs: Brutal Gladiator's Plate Legguards
Feet: Guardian's Plate Greaves
Tabard: Sunreaver Tabard

Now, weapons may change from time ta time, so I's got one of each kind fer ta cover me bases.

Fer axes: Nightfall

Fer maces, I gots Hatebringer

And fer swords I got me Ashkand, Greatsword of the Bros. That's right, Lothar - not onlies I done peed on yer statue, I gots yer sword too! Yeah, the colors don't match quite as good as them other two, but whofuhg cares? Is fluppergumpin' Ass Candy.

So anywho, I got me moggin' set fer Arms all done now. Still workin' on the tankin' set, but without a functional guild tankin' be a lower priority these days. I'll let you buggers know when it be ready.


SpiritusRex said...

I see you like the dark look, too, Ratters - looks good (considering your orcishness). Myself, I think the dark looks quite dashing on us Night Elves as well (night = dark, you brute!) so I've been farming my ears off in Blackrock Depths trying to get the Black Dragonscale Leggings pattern to drop off the Anvilrage Captains to finish my hunter set. I've also been able to pull out the ePhoenix bow (RIP, my friend) and will soon pull out the Thunderstrike as well. Funny how we all revert to the olden days, eh?

Axeminster said...

"But Sir, no one worries about upsetting a hunter!"

"That's 'cause a hunter don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose, Warriors are known to do that."

Anonymous said...

Ratters, you are an orc after my own heart. And in my opinion, the best tanking gear for with that set would be as follows:

Sword: The Sun Eater
Mace: Bloodskull destroyer
Axe: Warbringer
Shield: Shield of Impenetrable Darkness