Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rule Three Seven Two

Is time fer ta have a sit-down with a certain dragon and explains what drivin' volcanoes through buggers' houses is not civilized behaviors. Is a violation of Rule Three Seven Two, and as such, he done be requireds fer ta pay a penalty, as stipulatified by Rule. Three. Seven. Two.*

*Is like the Breaker's Rule Three Oh Three, onlies more epic.


Zwingli said...

Ratters, what research do you do to prepare to face down old nasty? Are there any sites/tools in particular that you like to use to research an instance/raid?


Ratshag said...

Fer tuning up, Mr. Robot

Fer learnin' the fights, WoW Insider's 5-second guides:
5-Man guide
LFR the first
LFR the second

Anythin' more is fer the weak.