Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pink Knickers Revisited

Were near a year ago, Keeva overs at Tree Bark Jacket done wrote a post analyzings (among other things) the percentifications of raid bosses what be wimmenz. She done went ta a lotta work fer ta pin down what was "male" and what was "female" and what was neithers, 'cause sometimes it ain't obvious. I thought I'd done do a follow-up and look at Firelands and Dragon Soul, now that they's out. Blizz done saved me a lotta work, though, by puttin' out the Dungeon Guide what allows ya ta figger out they's sexes just by lookin' at they's pronouns (everyone done be a "him", a "her", or an "it"). Which is good, 'cause I's lazy.

Here be what I found.

Lord RyolithMale
Majordomo StaghelmMale

Dragon Soul
Warlord Zon'ozzMale
Yor'sahj the UnsleepingMale
Hagara the StormbinderFemale
Warmaster BlackhornMale

So here be Keeva's calculatifications of the percentagizing of raid bosses what be wimmenz, with me numbers added at the end:

Hunka Hunka Burnin' Crusader15%
Rash of the Itch King22%
Cata (Tier 11)12%
Cata (Tier 12)26%
Cata (Tier 13)13%

Blizzard, I am disappoint. Again.

Why is Ratters disappoint?  I so glad you asked. Azeroth done a fictional world, with fictional rules. What makes it work so well, be the polish. The internal consistency. It don't feel like sumthin' what got all thrown tagethers at the last minute. One of these rules be, mens and wimmenz be equals, whethers is adventurin' heroes or the grunts what patrol Org and Stormwind or ship captains. But when ya gets ta the top of the power structures, both fer the good guys and the bad guys, this rule fer the fictional world goes out the fluggernubbin' window.

Why do it? Looks ta me like Blizz starts off assumin' bosses is all male, then switches it ta female if'n they has a reason, such as she's vengeful (eg, Sylvanas) or she got babies (eg Beth'tilac) or she yaps annoyingly (eg Hagara). But I realizes what this ain't 100% consistent (Putricide yapped a lot too) and is mostly conjecturizings. So if'n you gots other ideas as ta why Blizz trashes the balance between the sexes in Azeroth, I's all ears ('cept fer the important parts). But they does do it.

Now. Blizzard. You keeps fuhggin' with yer legendary polish fer no good reason! Seriously, how many bytes would ya have ta change, outta tens of gigabytes in me installation, fer ta say Yor'sahj the Unsleeping is a woman? Would it've really been that hard fer ta have Majordomo Mylune (vulnerables ta the Old Gods' whisperin' due ta her grief over all the burned widdle fuzzy bunnies) instead of Majordomo Staghelm?

Ya gots a new expansion comin' up, with all new raid bosses. Gonna put some polish on'em Blizz, or ya just gonna coast along with default settings again?

Edit:  Done realized I mathified the percentalizings wrong fer Tier 12. Well, that's what ya gets with a simple orc. Anywho, fixed now, and still way too fuhggin' low.


Lui said...

Thankee for list and considerings behind it though.

Maybe Maurice would consider it his dating list???

Just a thought ;)

Khol Drake said...

Blizzard is actually following in the grand literary (and pretty much all media, nowadays) tradition of shying away from portraying women as villains.

Yes, there are token female villains, Sylvanas and little Sally Whitemane being two good examples, but by and large for whatever reason, our society does not like to cast the fairer sex in the role of villain. I suspect this is largely a holdover from older, more biased, times, but it still holds quite true. The role of women in popular media usually falls into the archetypes of the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Maiden sees your love interests and warrior princesses, the Mother is your caretakers and redemption figures and the Crone is usually either the wise sage or some form of comic relief. In the rare instances where a female villain IS cast, she is almost always given some kind of redeeming quality, sometimes wildly inappropriate and out of character, to make her more sympathetic to the audience and avoid having her be Girl Hitler. To use the above examples, Sylvanas wants vengeance for her people and what was done to her, which is a noble cause, and Sally Whitemane just straight gets a pass because she and all the Scarlet Crusade were the pawns of demons. Even though they are both genocidal maniacs, they are reasoned out in such a way as to excuse anything they might do. What makes this truly laughable is that a proper female villain would probably be more ruthless, more vicious and altogether more evil than any man simply because in any male-dominated society, she would have to be to become said proper villain.

TL;DR: it's society's fault.

Anonymous said...

Maiev made a great villian in Wolfheart, and Moira's a great anti-hero.

Armond said...

Thisalee Crow is one of my more favorite characters this expansion. (Un?)fortunately, she's not a raid boss.

Ratshag said...

I thinks what even Maurice would draw the line at Beth'tilac. Probablies.

@Khol Drake
Mebbe. Another traditional society rule is what the cannon fodder / red shirts is all men, no wimmenz. Blizz don't seem fer ta have any issues breakin' this rule though.

Haven't read the books, but I's happy fer ta take yer word for it. Fer raid bosses, I'd be fine with females with no personality or backstory, just loot vendin' machines, since that be what most of the male ones is anyhow.

Thisalee Crow be a great example of how Blizz can interestin', compelling characters when they sets they's mind to it. But like I said, I just want Blizz fer ta keep bosses consistent with the rest of they's universe, even if it means some boring and forgettables wimmenz.

Syl said...

I don't know what I liked more about this post, the content or your usual delicious orc language! :D

Rash of the Itch King <3

p.s. let me know a better/stronger word for 'delicious' in orcish sometime, I'd love to know it!

tkc said...

Then there is Auriaya. Why did Blizz use Hillary Clinton as a model for a raid boss? And make her a crazy cat lady.

My favorite female villain has to be Yosafbridge from Firefly but she was more of a con artist than a villain. Easy on the eyes to boot.

Stormy said...

I had forgotten about this whole kerfuffle, but I'm glad you brought it up again. I would point out that Alizabal, the new boss in BH, is female...and has some of the best boss emotes in WoW history, so...there's that.

tri said...

This would be a issue of marginalization if your numbers were anywhere close to being right...

Lets take firelands.
Shannox is a male no question there

Lord Ryolith is a fire elemental that are either sexless or must contain both reproductive organs since no mate is required for offspring

Beth'tilac =Female

Alysrazor = Female? It's hard to say if fire hawks have genders or not they have eggs but could very well reproduce in the same manner as fire elementals with perhaps a seed phase? Will count as a female for now since she was a female dragon before her rebirth.

Baleroc sexless fire elemental

Majordomo Staghelm Male

Ragnaros sexless fire elemental

When you look at firelands and remember that not everything in there isn't a mammal we see that the tier has a 50/50 split of male and female villains.

Ratshag said...

On what basis is you claimin' what fire elementals is sexless? You offer no documentation fer such a claim, and I's disinclined fer ta simplies take yer word fer it, givin' what Blizzard explicitlies refers ta them as "he" and "she" instead of "it". They calls Foe Reaper 5000 "it", so we knows they's familiar with the word.

So, if'n ya gots some evidence what elementals be sexless what overrules Blizzard, by all means present it. I'd be interested fer ta see. So far ya ain't shown me diddly. Yer claim what "fire elemental that are either sexless or must contain both reproductive organs since no mate is required for offspring" don't be valid (even if it were verified) - is lotta ways fer ta reproduce what ain't tradititional. Check out aphids, fer examples. Expectin' fire elementals ta have ta follow animal rules, when not even all animals do, be silly.

Lui said...

@ Tri & Ratshag

*giggles furiously* snort!

Maybe Tri tried the dinner and date method ;) ?

Anonymous said...

Was gonna mention Alizabal. She's pretty much hilarious, if faceroll.

Is it possible that they just want to keep way the hell away from the voice actress who produced "Suffer mortals, as your pathetic magic BEEEEETRAAAAAIIIIIEEEES you!"? Not like Metzen can voice females (that we know of).

Also, trying to classify anything not explicitly humanoid as female is a bit of a reach.

Thrornir said...

Oh Light, Sindragosa... so many heroic attempts, so many screeches.

Also, I disagree heavily with this:

"Also, trying to classify anything not explicitly humanoid as female is a bit of a reach."

Beth'tilac, Sindragosa, Alysrazor were all female (at least in prior lives for the last two), so it's not too much of a reach to classify non-humanoid creatures as male or female. Their titles also indicate a female bent to their personalities.

Beth'tilac the Red Widow or Sindragosa the Frost Queen