Monday, December 12, 2011

Mebbe Is Easy Bein' Green Afters All

The web-footed wonder done raised the curtains and lit the lights on the gangster in our last poll, with 68 votes fer Kermit and 36 fer Jabba the Hutt.

This week we done gota a coupla legendary inventor/gunslingers goin' at each other. New poll, up in the sidebar, as usuals.


Grimmtooth said...

Gonna have to go with Leonardo. Not only does he know his anatomy and is thus best qualified to find that special nerve bundle (assuming Nikolai didn't get wounded in the war and have it moved), but he designed his own air support and mech cavalry.

To top it off, only one of the two was named after a turtle.

Bar said...

This is probably going to end up being a "Scientist vs. Engineer" battle.

Leo had some awesome ideas... Tesla actually made his work.

Steve Hall said...

Pretty insightful comments above me, but I have to agree with Bar. The pity is, Tesla gets little to no credit for some of his most important inventions (see Edison, Thomas A.). Not sure how one would measure such a thing, but he may well have been the most brilliant mind of the 19th and 20th Centuries!

Lui said...

Came here for the laughs - ended up reading intelligent convos.

Feeling rather special now to be here :).

Dammit google + blog doesn't like me

koalabear said...

Tesla, Tesla, Tesla!

Khol Drake said...

Two words: Light. Ning.

Tesla haz it.

Anonymous said...

Leonardo could definitely make stuff work. Check out his resume.

I went with Tesla just because he's so very much younger.

Kusamoto said...

OK, granted, Leonardo invented modern anatomy, the helicopter, and may even have had a hand in developing a cog-driven computer. He was a genius.

Nikola Tesla build, tested, and used an Earthquake machine. That worked and, you know, made real Eathquakes. Anywhere. I think I'll take the guy that can make a building fall on the other guy at will.

The Bitter Fig said...

Between the fortresses, catapults, and helicopters, who needs electricity? DaVinci by a mile, and a half-a-smile.