Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dead Chicks Have Nice Butts

Helllooo .... Thiss is DangerMouse. I am Forsaken.

A while back, I posted this sscreenshot of myself, just to prove that over-sexed elf chicks aren't the only ones with nice buttss. Now  Vyprania has been doing a lot of fishing lately, and Ratterss reminded me that it has been a while ssince we have given you dirty-minded living readers a gratuitousss butt shot, so here is one. Enjoy the hormone russh.

Oh, for frak's ssake. I thought you living would like a chance to ssee the inner beauty and all that noble crap. Fine. Because I am a cooperative walking abomination in the eyess of nature, here she is again, without the iron boot flask:

It is a nice scene, issn't it, with the shattered highway of a dead civilization in the background and a drowning whelp in the foreground?


Bell said...

Males dwarves have the cutest butts in-game. Sorry, Kinna.

Ratshag said...

Here ya go, Bell. <3

Khol Drake said...

Hey, why don't we get to see Mouse's butt?

Ratshag said...

Khol, you ninny, click on the firsst link!

Khol Drake said...

Humble apologies, Miss Mouse, I missed that one. May I say, your backside is quite trim and svelte?