Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Workin' Inna Coal Mine

Vyprania sez she wants ta go kill Arthas. That's fine, I sez. Stop dinking around in Wintergrasp, get you some raid gear 'stead of all that Titanforged whatnots and Pissed-off Gladiator's whatnots, and go learn how ta raid. So that's what she be doing.

Now, when I's doin' dps, 'stead of tankin', I basically just charge in, rip the first blunkernubber open, and spin like a fool whackin' everything in sight with me axe. What it lacks in subtleties, it makes up for in being a hella lotta fun.

But unholy death knuggets, they got them this, like, fourteen-step system fer ta maximize they's damage. Great googly moogly. Is all disease, disease, strike, power dump, strike, strike, strike, yadda, yadda, yadda, rinse, repeat. And there ain't no way fer ta practice this in heroics, 'cause, well,  the bugger's dead long before ya finish. So is off ta the target dummy, every day, learn the system 'til ya gets it right and can do it blindfolded in yer sleep underwater. I very glad what I ain't gotta do all that.

Would be cool ta have green floating skulls, though.


Kayeri said...

I understand completely Vyp's desire to take out the Lich King... You could say she's owed the chance...

So, practice, practice, practice, Vyp@ You can do it!!!!

Armond said...

wraagaaaag! Repeat!

That's a blood tank rotation with movement keys bound to esdf, not a battle cry. Diseases on W/R, Death Strike on G, Heart Strike on A, Rune Strike macro'd to everything.