Friday, March 5, 2010

Dance, Glubbernuggers! Dance!

The Purge is continuing our's efforts fer ta keep the rear echelons safe from a reborn Naxx while you major leaguers is huntings Arthas. Last night we busted our way inta the Plague Wing fer the first time. Was only seven of us on duty - we was missing master blasters Rym and Mr. Hoof. With only three dps we had some issues killin' them gargoyles before they could stoneskin and heal theyselves. "Fuhggit," I sez. "I gonna tank'em all." So Big Bad Guun got his fury on and whipped out his matching pair of ivory-handled axes (only a pimp from a cheap Southshore whorehouse would carry pearl-handled axes). We rumbled through them gargoyles just fine then an into Old Man Noth's crib. Lotta skeletons running around doing the "Rise my soldiers!" thing. "Fuhggit," I sez. "I gonna tank'em all." And I did.

After killing a whole crapton of icky things, we gets ta MC Heigan's Dance Studio. It were in fine form, with disco balls and an abomination spinning platters and a couple ghouls strippers up in dance cages. Gotta hand it to Heigan, he's put a lot of work inta the place. Everyone sez they's ready, so I throws me axe at the blutherdupper and we gets it on. Now this here were the first most of us had been to the Studio, and some of us had two left feet or our shoelaces tied tagether or got distracted watching the strippers. But we hung in there and eventually it were Heigan on the ground instead of us. Bugger slipped on a banananana peel or sumthin'.

Next week we's gonna go check out that Loatheb thing. I knows how ta tank him, and what instructions fer ta give the dps'ers about the spores. And Kinnavieve's told me there be something important about healing, but buggered if I understand it. I just gonna tell Zinzi and Tarsius ta stand in the back and waves they's arms like they always do.


Grimmtooth said...

Don't think we didn't catch that Violent Femmes nod.

But now I'll always hear your version when that comes up on my 'Pod :)

Skraps said...

OK I consider myself quite the Violent Fems fan, and I missed the reference. Fill me in please?

Ratshag said...

@Skraps -

Check this

Grimmtooth said...

@Rats - Aha, there you are in the comments! :)

Anonymous said...

And a thank you for watching our backs! :-)

Anonymous said...

Bananarama peel...

Someone please pass the tissues I have Mage QQ of laughter rolling down my face.

That damn nightclub is alway deserted when I get there, I just get the bouncer.

Dancing around handbags is one thing, dancing around bouncers another.

Still it does have the prerequisite sticky green carpet with plenty of blood stains.