Friday, March 26, 2010

Need More Cheese

Hello gentle readers.

Today I was in Dalaran, trying to get some cheese for Ranid Glowergold. You see, I only need four more cooking awards for my chef's hat. I'd already scrounged up some wine from half-empty glasses scattered about the city - that dwarf can't even tell red from white, let alone wine from vinegar. But I needed cheese. And since the patch a few days ago, the cheese shop has been desperately short of cheese. So you need to wait. And wait. And wait. And then grab it before anyone else does. At one point, I think there were seven of us in the shop, camping the cheese.

Stupid stinky patch.

Stupid stinky dwarf.

Stupid stinky cheese.


Sephrenia said...

They need more jugs of wine too. I had to wait for ages for them to bring me some of that. I think the shop is on the way out. They seriously need to re-think their stockists.

Rene said...

A cheese shop with no cheese? They've been deliberately wasting your time. Shoot 'em.

What a senseless waste of human life.

StaggerLee said...

Humm ...

If You had 7 people waiting to steal your cheese, would You really be in a hurry to fill the plate?

Cap'n John said...

@ Rene - that's one of the skits I'll use while waiting to Ninja some Cheese. Wallace & Gromit can also provide some inspiration.

And then there's this:
"Is that...Limburger?"
"It doesn't smell like Limburger.
"Oh. My. GOD!"
"I know this is a cheese shop but that is not necessary!"
"Come on! Fess up! Who cut the cheese?"

Skraps said...

Was it like this?