Sunday, March 28, 2010

Is Flashbacks Time

Pretty Jessika over at Pretty in Plate done wants ta know what folks was up to one, two, and three years ago. So I browses me archives, and this be what I founded:

One Year Ago: I were in abouts me 75th season, takin' care of business with regards ta scourges, trolls, and scourgy trolls in Zul'Drak. Me and the Purge participated in the Amphitheater of Anguish, and I picked meself up a Really Big Hammer. Kinnavieve had retired from raiding with Aetherial Circle after tanking the bad guys in Naxx and the Obsidian Sanctum. Instead, she were relaxing in Sholazar Basin, holding aggro on bananas. And Vyprania totally got a bunny.

Two Years Ago: I was spending most of me time in me dwarf priest costume, melting faces in the Burning Steppes and allegedlies (but it were never proved) peeing on the statue of Anduin Lothar. By the end of the month, I done made it through the Black Portal to Outland, where I saw many wondrous things, including Fel Reavers and boobs.

Three Years Ago: I were just an orcling, abouts me 45th season. I done spent a good chunk of that month in Tanaris, killing pirates and farming wind elemental farts fer ta make me Truesilver Champion. Is still in me bank, that. Also, I gots ta spend an evening in Outland with the senior members of the purge, where I mostly got deadified in the Bone Wastes. Good thing Zinzi gives good resurrection.

Four Years Ago: I had not started adventuring then, or bloggings neither. But I can tells ya that I were spending much of me time tryin' ta gets outta doin' me chores on the farm, tryin' ta sneak over ta Sen'jin Village fer ta score some good ganja, and tryin' ta get Utha Spleenchewer ta play "Charge the gates of Stormwind". Mom'll tell ya, I was very trying.

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