Monday, January 19, 2009

Is Where Pali Sneaks Out

"Things any better with your mom, Pali?"

"Noooo. I had to pretend I was going to bed early, then portal to Moonglade from my room."

"Well, that works."

"I swear to Elune, 'licious, she still treats me like I'm 70. I'm 97! Almost. In a few weeks. But it's like I'm still a little kid as fas as she is concerned."

"You know, technically, you haven't been a little kid since that night in the forest..."

"Mmmmm. That was ... wonderful. But I don't think I can use that to get her to be more reasonable."

"No, that would probably not be a good idea."

So Feralicious and I went to Ashenvale that night, and we totally owned the place. We killed tree-cutting Warsong ninnies and Satyrs and walking plant guys and even a Horde shaman who decided he wanted to rumble with the wrong two druids. And we wiped out a nest of demons and danced on their evil corpses.

After, we got some rewards in Astraanar. Unfortunately, the chestpiece I got was a little, well, undersized. /blush And the stats weren't that great. So pretty quickly I put my old armor and tabard back on.

After, we were both pretty tired, so we decided to get some sleep at the inn. Just sleep - that's all! Really! I know we should have gone into the woods and each found our own tree to sleep under, but the ground is hard and beds are comfy!

Just, umm, don't tell my mother, k?



laura said...

I approve of Pali's hair change! Mostly because it's exactly the hair my bear has chosen. :)

Khol Drake said...

Ah, young lurrrrrrrve...

Anonymous said...

You go Pali-girl! Mom's not always right but trying to prove that can be...difficult.
Have fun & don't do anything that would get you kicked from the forest! :)