Monday, January 12, 2009

And So It Begins

Hello gentle readers and Bellbell, who shouldn't let it go to her head that she's getting special mention here, just acknowledging that she's not gentle.

It's been less than four months since Ratshag picked me to be the Team's new raider. Back then, I was still chasing those Defias traitors in Westfall. Well, I guess it's fair to say that I've come a long way since then.

** grin **

So, last night nine of my guildies and I ventured into the Scourge's floating citadel, Naxxramas. Now, I hate bugs. I really, really hate them. And where do we start? The Arachnid Wing, of course. Nothing but bugs, bugs, and more bugs. And Grand Widow Faerlina - she wasn't a bug. I don't think. We finally got to this frickin' thing. I ended up having to stand under her head and spamming consecrate to catch all the little spiders she was summoning and there were spiders everwhere and there was webbing in my hair and in my mouth and in my eyes-
** shudder **

Thank the Light we killed her at last.

There weren't any tanking drops during the run, but some dps plate did drop - boots and a chestpiece. I don't like them - they're all death knighty and look like something that lich bitch Vyprania would wear. Or even worse, Maurice. And why do I have to have my bellybutton showing again, just because I'm a girl? Sheesh. Bellybuttons need protection too, ya know? At least the stats are good, for off-spec...

The last two bosses in the plague wing were Heigan and Loatheb, neither of whom summoned any adds. So I put on my full dps kit and pretended like I could do damage while running out of mana. Woohoo, lookit Kinna auto-attack! And, I just gotta say, Heigan is a terrible dance instructor. Dude, there's a reason other instructors don't use bursts of toxic ooze. I also realized that my UI was configured in just the right way to maximize my inefficiency when trying to cleanse people, especially while running. I tried to adjust it on the fly, but I definitely need to sit down and do some serious overhauling before we go back.
Got plenty of time for that, though. Next raid isn't scheduled until, umm.... tonight?
** gulp **
** frantic UI scrambling **


Sephrenia said...

What were you doing taking a poor innocent little penguin in to such a big spider?

Argent said...

I find the following works great for cleansing-on-the-fly:

/cast [target=mouseover,help], [help], [target=targettarget,help], [] Cleanse

This will try to cast Cleanse on whoever your mouse is over if it's an ally. If not, it will try to cast on your target, assuming they're friendly. If not, it will try to cleanse the person that your target is targeting. If none of those people are friendly, it will just cast Cleanse. (maybe on yourself, for example)

I have similar macros for Flash of Light, Holy Light, and my various "Hand" spells.

Khol Drake said...

Ah, the joys of bringing nothing but MQoSPBSTDPS to the raid...

That's Massive Quantities of Sustained Point-Blank Single-Target DPS to those of you following at home...

Hydra said...

I think the no protection for the belly button is to make it easier to do a back hand spring. …Right… Ok… maybe not... It was a thought.

Anonymous said...

Awww, give Vyp a break. Dead elf chicks have feelings too.

Anonymous said...

If you want to go the mod route, try the mods Grid and Clique.

Grid is a raid UI replacement - instead of Blizz's tiny bars, it shows each person as a box. The background changes color from top to bottom as their HP goes down, the upper-left corner shows a red box when someone has aggro, the other corners show curses, diseases, poisons and magic effects.

Clique is a simple system for assigning spells to keybindings - I normally have Cleanse on mouse-button click, and then you can quickly toss Cleanse on other people while tanking by mouse-button clicking on their box in Grid when it has green (poison), blue (magic) or brownish (disease) boxes in the corners.

As for Protlol DPS, have you tried using Seal of the Martyr, making sure there is wisdom on the target, and using a hammer / judge / SoR rotation? You can throw Consecrates or Exorcisms into the rotation depending on your mana, but it seems to be easily sustainable.

Anonymous said...

I never realized that chestpiece looks so cool! Pesky tabard getting in the way... I so want to show off my bellybutton, the tabard is going away and the /drooling commences!