Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hydra and Kinnavieve Don't PvP

So what are we doing in Alterac Valley?
Kinnavieve, Ratters said, you should go do some PvP. Put on that shiny Savage Saronite armor you got and go get a feel for it. Defend some towers, stun some glubbernupbbin' healers, find out if ya likes it. Go with me friend Hydra - she'd be happy fer ta show ya around. It'll be fun!

But Ratters, isn't Hydra a warlock? Warlocks traffic in demons, and I'm not sure a soldier of the Light should be associating with people who do evil things like that, just for fun. And besides, doesn't she exist in a completely different serververse?

Naw, is okay. Hydra ain't altogether evil, just almost. So yer clean. Checks with yer bishop, he'll tell ya it's fine. I's positive. As fer the serververse thing, just get on Vent togethers, then queue up fer the battlefield at the exact same time, and you'll get in tagethers. It'll work like a fuppertumpin' charm.

And he was right. About the Vent queueing trick, that is. I, um, never actually checked with the bishop. I mean, I'm sure Ratters knows what he's talking about, right?

** nervous grin **

So, we fought the good fight in Alterac Valley, then went and captured resources to help the poor brave souls of the League of Arathor. And Ratters was right - it was fun!

And, I picked up several achievements too. Yay achievements!

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Anonymous said...

Ummm... which serververse is ratters actually from?