Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ratters' Night Out

Tonight, I led me guildies inta the Nexus. Now, I realize Kinnavieve already done cleared it and all, but we needed ta do it to. How is it that that pretty dragon Keristrasza done got herself abductified again? There's an explanation, but don't ask me what it is - I cain't be bothered ta keep track of the details. Anywho, is a sad story what with Keri gettin' crazified and all, but in the end she were dead and we was alive. Sucks to be her.

As a reward for us clearing out the red dragon path ta promotion, I got some real shiny loots. New gloves fer ta replace the felsteels I's been wearin' since the day I dinged 70, new shoulders fer ta replace the bolds I's had since me and Zinzi what gives good resurrection and some puggers did fer Murmur way back in the day, and new boots fer ta replace the ones I's had since ... uh ... last week.
I likes these shoulders. Very ruggeds looking. Shoulders is important ta us orcs, ya know.

Afters, Zinzi done gave me a battleground port out to Dalaran so's I could check the place out. Ya know, Kinnavieve's done told me about the very nice tavern them Alliance buggers has, but I tells ya. The Horde inn? You could have yerself a party in this place. Raw meat on the tables, half nekkid troll barmaids, Uncle Bonechompers Day-Old Piss on tap, and high quality pros fer some horizontal refreshments upstairs. I's gonna have me some fun resting and recreating here.


Hydra said...


I think you are correct. You have nice shoulders. Then new armor on them are nice too. =)

Anonymous said...

Woot for the horde tavern. Frankly, though, I don't wanna see what Ratters is gonna do with the barmaids...

... or the wolves, for that matter. o.0

Faulsey said...

"Uncle Bonechompers Day-Old Piss"?

Sounds... tasty.

If that's the sort of thing orcs drink regularly, explains their constantly angry expressions.

Kusamoto said...

I prefer Uncle Bonechompers Light...half the carbs and fat, yet still all the natural ammonia flavor. I'm watching my figure (decay) ya' know.