Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Hell She Banging?

Now, I goes way back with Tumi, what works in the forge district of Org. She don't make the high end ensorceled kit what I been trained fer, but she do make reliable gear fer the grunts and young adventurers. But now, what I wants fer ta know is, how comes when she invites me fer ta share her iron, I gets a "Anvil is required" message? Sure looks like a fluggernubbin' anvil ta me.
Meanwhiles, over on Innkeeper Nufa's place, this ain't no cooking fire. I guess that slab of meat's gonna stay raw fer quite a whiles then....

I tells ya, things is weird in the Valley of Honor.


Khol Drake said...

Some anvils are not anviley enough. They cannot handle the powah.

Rades said...

Ratshag, I went through similar woes back in ICC. All those people working away in the entrance area, and none of them count as anvils! I wrote about it here -