Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hour Of Twiglight

Has ya seen the new trailer? Is okay.

Is lotta dragons an' ominous end-of-the glubbernuggin'-world textifyin' an' heroes fightin' big dudes an' some pretty decent music. But at the end, alls I can think is:

"Deathwing. Dude. Learn ta fuhggin' barrel roll alreadies."


SmokyBG said...

"Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
Barrel Roll
Throughout the encounter, Deathwing tries to throw players from his back when he senses that they are all standing on the same side of his spine. During a barrel roll, all players and other creatures not attached to his back are thrown off."
Damn! That ugly dragon also reads minds!

Ratshag said...

Deranged minds think alike!