Monday, November 28, 2011

Understand THIS!

Ogri'la done be a weird faction. Out in the middle of nowheres, no flight path, no inn, no nuthin'. But four years ago, I wanted me some epic boots and they had'em. So I spent me summer bustin' me hump fer ta grind up ta exalted with them heavyweight buggers. But then when I goes fer ta see the quartermaster, he sez this:

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ratshag, but I also need eight Apexis Crystals. You're a big hero and saved our huge collective ass, but I am running a business and I do need to make a profit. I'm sure you understand."

Yeah, I understood all right. Ya hadda kill an elite demon fer each crystal, and me guild at the time were deader'n Sylvanas' pet gerbil. Gettin' four buggers fer ta come out ta the middle of nowheres ta kill demons in return fer, um, well, nuthin'? Yeah, that'd didn't work out so good. So no boots fer Ratters.

That were then. This is now. I's a bad-arse now.

I went ta the bank and pulled out all them apexis shards what been gatherin' dust fer four years. Then I flew up ta the Blades Edge Mountains and unleashed hell. Popped crystals inta demon vending machines and them fluggernubbers went down faster'n Booty Bay whoors in a private elevator. Then I done took me crystals ta Jho'nass and I sez "Gimme my dunkerglubbin' boots, beeyatch!" Onlies, more polite-like.
And guess what? I got me my boots.


Lui said...

Your new slippers have some nice stats ;)

Konni said...

Those are some sharp looking boots. :)