Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Baby Names

WoW Insider's "The Queue" column were asked the question, "What's the better name for a baby, Thrall, Varian, or a different character? Not actually happening, just spawned from a drunken conversation."

The obvious answer, of course, be neither. "Thrall" just means "slave" as Alex pointed out, so that ain't no good. And who fuhg wants fer ta name they's kid after a pasty-skinned hooman? Howevers, here at Need More Rage we understands the appeal of permanentlies branding yer kid with an identity from yer current favorite video game, so we done come up with a list of more appropriate character names what you could use fer ta name yer baby:

Arconus the Insatiable
Cap'n Slappy
Zuluhed the Whacked
Gally Lumpstain
Scrapper Zartson
The Leaper
Basic Campfire
Oglethorpe Obnoticus
The Great Sambino
Subservient Flesh Beast


Skraps said...

I look forward to greeting my first grandchild. I am going to lobby real hard for "Basic Campfire"

Steve Hall said...

You left out "Ratshag." I know you aren't modest, so must have been a mental slip.

Night said...

How about Maurice????

Bristal said...

I must also throw my support to Basic Campfire. It's really a beautiful name. Very warm and unassuming.

Kusamoto said...

Hrm...would "DangerMouse" be a first name, a first and middle name, a hyphenated first name, or just a nickname?

I have tried to convince the spousal unit to permanently give my 3 year-old the offical "Dr. Destructo" title, but she remains reticent.

TKC said...

I think I'll go with Captain Placeholder.

Shoryl said...

I loved Captain Placeholder. :)