Thursday, November 3, 2011

20,000 Leagues Under The Blog

Got a little distracted with that BlizzCon kerfluffle and NaBloPoBoZo, but is past time fer ta get a new poll up. Last time out, Jules Verne done had clownfish fer dinner, with Ol' Cap Nemo takin' down lil' Nemo 80 ta 29. This week we's got a multiple choice cage match free-fer-all fer ya buggers.


Steve Hall said...

Okay, the first problem with a Bloody Mary (named, by the way, for Mary, Queen of Scots) is tomato juice. The second problem is with a Bloody Mary is vodka, but that's rather beside the point, since it's impossible to get past the tomato juice bit.

So that leaves us with Queen Mary (here, I'm assuming the late Queen Mother), Proud Mary, and (according to family legend, my ancestor), Mary, Queen of Scots.

The Queen Mother was the sweetest lady ever (actually, she was a pretty hard-nosed lady, but that's just not very well known; however, her eldest daughter certainly inherited that trait). So she's out.

Proud Mary? Only if you substitute Tina Turner, and only if it's the Tina Turner from Thunderdome. But that's quite a stretch.

Which leaves us with Mary, Queen of Scots. A little research reveals she may have conspired with the man who became her third husband, to do away with her second. (Her first was King Francis I of France.) She also was eventually executed for treason for trying (THREE TIMES) to assassinate her first cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. So yeah: she's a badass.

Ratshag said...

Actuallies, a bloody Mary be named fer Queen Mary I of England, Elizabeth's half sister, what had several hundred heretics burned at the stake. Or like a steak, dependin' on yer cooking. The Queen Mary be named fer George V's wife; the Queen Mum were George VI's wife (and were named Elizabeth). Is bloody confusings fer ta keep'em straight, I know.

BethE said...

But Mary Queen of Scots wouldn't fight _fair_.

Barona said...

Any of the other three queens would pass out after "fighting" with multiple Bloody Mary's. Thus, last drink... errr... Queen standing wins.

Unless we are talking about the Queen Mary ship... which is now a hotel in Long Beach... which probably serves Bloody Mary's.... and now it REALLY gets confusing!

Anonymous said...

I chose Bloody Mary as it's also an urban legend.

That..........and slightly more than usual stressful day.....