Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And The Winner Be..... Mary

I never knows what's gonna happen when I done make these polls. I just pick a fight what amusifies me, and I throw it out there and see what you buggers think. Latest poll, we done gots Mary, Queen of Men What Wear Skirts knockin' down A Bloody Mary, 51 ta 46. The Proud Mary and The Queen Mary was way in the back, with 10 each.

This time around, we'd gonna see who sucks less when it comes ta high speed pursuitifications. Is new poll up in the sidebar, as per usuals.


Steve Hall said...

This one threw me for about a half a second . . . I mean, they are both perennial losers!

But then I thought for about a quarter of that half-second, and of course: Dynamite! Wile E. has dynamite! (Besides which, he's a Super Genius. No one ever accused Roscoe of being too bright.)

Dechion said...

Just a side note on the poll title, something my boot camp company commander done told me back in the day. "Son, if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, someone done f**ked up."

Canth said...

Neither have ever won a fight.. How can we vote?

No matter what they would do, they would be foiled. (and not necessarily by their equally incompetent opponent)

It would be a tie. Where is that option?

Ratshag said...

I think is fair ta say what Roscoe's basset hound were the brighter of the two. On the grippin' hand, he did catch them Duke boys a few times. Temporarilies.

Yeah, that were me what did. Me apologies.

Yeah, is like the stoppable force vs. the movable object. But ya gots ta pick one - life ain't fair.

StaggerLee said...

not sure who Coltrane be, but know for sure Wile E. never have fought a fair fight and never would enter one knowingly.

Grimmtooth said...

Had to think about that one, since both were dedicated losers. But the problem is that Wile E. failed because the Road Runner was smarter than him, whereas Rosco failed despite near-parity with his quarry. Ergo, the Coyote - "Super Genius" - FTW.

Lui said...

Is this a trick question Ratters? You did say 'fair'.

Wile E..........but only if he had Daisy May in her cutest outfit on his side!

SpiritusRex said...

'Tis has to be Wile E. We all know he's never given up even after plunging thousands of feet into many a canyon ravine.