Friday, February 27, 2009

Is One Down

Been working on my blacksmithing, working up a righteous sweat at the forge and lettin' the wimmens enjoy watching me work without me shirt. And I's skilled up and trained up and now I's ready fer ta start making some epics fer me guildies. First up, a Big Stick of Whoop Ass fer Mog the Death Knight.

Means I done got Goal and Priority Number the Two taken care of. Next up? Buggered if I know; guess we finds out together.


Averna said...

"Big Stick of Whoop Ass" FTW!!




Anonymous said...

Good Jobbers, Ratshag!

Looking forward to seeing your next goal downed. /srsnod

Kusamoto said...

Awesomeness. I just finished the Art of the Armorsmith quest last week ('cuz I hate farming and would the game), so my blacksmithing is still at a lowly 286. You have more patience than I do, apparently.

Khol Drake said...

My Obligatory Death Knight is leveling Blacksmithing. This will be the second time through for me. Maniac that I am, I capped BS at 375 before the Itch King made everyone all rashy and then dropped it for Skinning.