Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Feels Really Weird

Now, I spent quite some time last year out at the Netherwing Ledge, disguised as a fel orc. Got pretty used ta running errands fer the Dragonmaws and disrupting they's activities when no ones were looking. And, oh yeah, dodging them gluppernuggin' Ascendants. Buggers was worse than Fel Reavers. Eventually worked meself up to exalted with them dragons, and got me arse off the Ledge one step ahead of a buncha pissed off Dragonmaws, after Illidan blew me cover.

But ya know, that netherdragon is a damn fine mount. Wouldn't mind having one ta ride when I's in me dwarfish disguise. Unfortunatelies, when I went back to Mordenai in SMV and said "Yo, my man, is Ratters. How ya doin?" he were all how do I know yer the same Ratshag? Could be a Illidari trap. Fraid yer gonna have to prove yerself to us all over again.


So, here I is gathering Netherweed off the ledge. No fel disguise fer Rats the dworc - I just ain't trustworthy. Dang, I almost feels nekkid out there. No helps fer it though, and I is lookin' forward to melting Zuluhed the Wacky's face off.

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