Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ortacles Goes Ta Stranglethorn

Ah, Stranglethorn. Land where, if ya stands still too long, the vines'll grow up yer trouser leg and try ta get it on with yer privates. Land where zombie pirate nagas makes they's home. And, if yer in a PvPverse, the gankers go looking fer unfair fights.

So I's got me draenaninny warrior disguise on, and I wants ta get me a Whirlwind Axe. Just like that bugger did with Phoenicia a few weeks ago, the crazy troll hermit in Alterac sends me down ta Stranglethorn for ta fetch 30 troll tusks. Now, I's got a couple more seasons on me than Phoe did, so I ain't expecting much troubles from them trolls - is just gonna be a simple grind. Is them other funkergubbers what I expects trouble from. And I ain't disappointed.

Death 1: Bird lands at the Rebel Camp. Two 70s is standing right there, and they drops me faster'n you can say "g-". Nailed the poor bugger landing right behind me, too.

Death 2: I's taking on two trolls at once. First is dead, second nearly so, when a rogue three levels higher'n me unstealths and his daggers is in me back. I goes down faster'n Lehman Bros.

Death 3: Undead warrior, 8 levels higher'n me. I see him, he sees me. He charges. I puts up a fight this time, fer a little bit.

Death 4: Level 70 warlock. DoTs, Fear, and I run around screaming while me insides cook. No funs.

Death 5: Blood Elf rogue, 2 levels higher'n me. I'm getting ready ta target me next troll, when I gets stunlocked and she starts pumpin' away on me. Even so, I manages ta shake it off and get her down ta 3% before she does fer me.

Deaths 6-8: This Belf rogue, having found that I's a serious bone ta be chewed, decides she don't want any more fair fights. Instead, she skulks around until I's fully engaged with a troll, then hits me with the stunlock. Couple times she puts me down before I can do much, last time I had her to 20%. 'Bout this time a higher level guildie shows up ta helps, and there's no more trouble.

Now, is not like all Hordes is gankers there. I saw another warrior me own level, plus higher level shammy and a mage. They was doing they's thing, I were doing my thing. Had the warrior shown a desire to party, I'd've happy to oblige, but I had a job ta do and I weren't gonna go outta me way.

Fer them others, particularlies that Belf, all I can say is I's unimpressed. Me, I'm happy to test me skill against someone else. I's happy ta test my gear against someone else's. Often times I comes up short, and that be fine. Is the whole point, ya know? But great googly moogly. Hanging around, waiting fer a fight ya know ya can win, has gotta be boring as all bagoobers. Fishing would prolly be more interesting. Which don't say much fer the minds of thems what do it.

Anywho, that were my experience. Is big thanks ta Daelan fer his assistance in getting the last of them tusks. Now is on to elementals, and then me spiffy axe.


Ryukyu said...

Sucks man! Glad you gave it your all, as any good Orc-in-Disguise would. Good point on Fishing vs Ganking, made me chuckle :P

Bell said...

I'm sorry I was in Shadow Labyrinth and couldn't toast them proper, Ratters :(

Harl said...

aye, stv's a rough neighborhood on a pvp server. always some fool out to ruin your day. must be the hot weather...

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

That's why I don't play on a pvp server. There's nothing fun about spending all your time doing corpse runs.

Icenfjire said...

I was in STV just yesterday doing the Alliance quest where you find troll legends for the rebel camp guy. I was in that one bloodscalp settlement where two of the legends are, very slowly and carefully culling the trolls; that area is worse than Redridge in terms of mob density. There's pretty much no way to do that quest without coming under heavy pressure at least once, and this time was no exception. I was at the top clearing my way to the second legend in the area when I got 3 trolls at once. I managed to win, but it took all my cooldowns and I was at about 3% health and mana as I desperately wanded the last troll to death. And of course that's when the horde priest came into view. Taking advantage of the nice clear path I had blazed (or froze, since I'm ice). Targetting me. I had time to /sigh as he cast a shadow word pain. I mean, it was probably too easy, he maybe is a decent enough guy who couldn't resist. But geez, can you really feel good about that? Anyway, I ran back, rezzed, and shoved a couple frost bolts up his rear end while he was fighting a troll, read the legend, and left. STV is truly the heart of darkness.

axeminster said...

While fishing you catch fish. While ganking you catch. . .what, exactly?

Anonymous said...

STV is tough. Many a time I have let others go being on half health to have them only come back on me and gank me whilst I am busy with mobs. Now I adhere to "if it's red it's dead". However, I don't gank anyone that's too low for me unless they gank my alt and they were ridiculously higher than my alt was or they are ganking other lowbies in the area and I am asked to help. If the lowbies are around the same level then they need to suck it up an learn how to pvp.

As much as I love pvp what happened to you just isn't right and kind of immature. Good luck with your further adventures.


cgeorgemo said...

I play exclusively on PVP servers so I have experienced your pain many times.
My personal policy is to only attack players that are honor kills. If they are grey to me they are safe from me.

In STV I was bringing my level 40 hunter into Nessingwary's camp. when I spotted the group of Allies that had been ganking Horde members. They Two 37's and two 39's.
Since they weren't engaged and they'd been ganging up on single players they were fair game.
After I dropped the last of them one of them logged on his ??? pally and 4 shot me. The other 3 of course were more than happy to /spit /slap at my corpse.

Really?....4 of you and you had to go get a ??? Pally?

And no I"m not saying I'm some PVP genius. I just got lucky and they screwed up at first by attacking my pet instead of me.

Also it isn't a Horde is better than Alliance thing either. I've experienced similar situations on my Ally toons.

Kinzlayer said...

Sad though it is to have to deal with gankers on a PvP server, it does give you the opportunity for full payback. However with the recent allowance of PvE to PvP server xfer, there not many reason for me to level a toon on a PvP server anymore. If you leveled once on a PvP server you already learn to be careful, cautious, and paranoid.