Monday, September 29, 2008

Is Where Pali Sez "Mwuuuuuuuuuuh?"



Pali, you okay?

Ummmmmmmmmm, go 'way, 'Licious.

Pali, you gotta get up.

Can't. My head hurtsss...

For real. Get up.

Nooooooooooooooooo....... Don't wanna.
Hey. How'd you get into my room, anyway? Mom won't let you in the house.

Hon, we're not in your room. We're on the dock at Rut'theran Village.

Huh? How'd I get here?

That's a good question. Another good question would would be, where are your clothes? Not that you don't look adorable in a goofy blue oompah hat and nothing else, but at some point you're going to need your armor back.

Ummmmm, I'm not sure?

I'm thinking maybe you went to Brewfest and had yourself a bit of fun.

No..... well, sorta. But I only took enough money to buy two pints!

Yeah. That, and that mug with the words "unlimited free refills" on the side. C'mon, kid, let's go see if we can find you some pants. Hey, what's this? Pictures!

Pictures? Pictures of wha.... OmigodNoNoNoNoNoLiciousGiveEmBackNoooo!

Oi...what made you think that hat was a good idea? You're going to have helmet head.

Well, your mom did want you to find a working fella, and this one's got an eye for your sweet butt. Better ask him.

Playing with Ogres, huh? I have heard they're big in all manners of speaking...

I think I've told you before to stay away from freaks. And Ratshag is the virile one. Ask him, I'm sure he'll tell you.

Yes. But. I would expect you to bring him home. Preferrably to your mother's first, then my tree. Scratch that; I want to be with you when you introduce him to your mother.

You're gonna make Ratters jeeeeeeealouuuuuuus.

The stein between the calves is a nice touch, and this is totally going on the fridge. In your house.

Gimme BACK! *grab* Hmmph.

My mother's gonna kill me when she finds out about this I just know it....


Chaninn said...

You go Pali!!!
A girl's gotta let her hair down sometimes & when's better than a beer fest?

Anonymous said...

What happens in Brewfest stays in Brewfest...

Khol Drake said...

...unless there's photographic evidence.

Pike said...

*falls over giggling*