Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Have GOT To Be Kidding, Blizz

So a friend done asked Phoenicia fer ta make her a Glyph of Howlin' Blast, which pretty much be essentials if'n yer a frost DK. "No prob" sez Phoe, "I's done researched everything," and whips out her spell book. Except .... it ain't in there.

Ya see, some glyphs ya learn from yer trainer. Most ya learn from researchin', one a day, fer about two months. Is tedious, but doable. And some ya learn from readin' a Book of Glyph Mastery. Which drops very very rarely off of random mobs. In Northrend. Has ya noticed what there ain't hardlies nobody killin mobs in Northrend no more?

Well, Blizz noticed, and last summer they done said in a blue post what they was gonna make these glyphs researchable too. Books'd still be there if'n ya wanted ta learn more'n one a day, but they wouldn't be needed no more. Sounds good. Except.... it never happened. Now, we gets a blue post sayin':

The Book of Glyph Mastery is actually a topic we've been discussing in our meetings. I can't make any promises just yet but can at least acknowledge that we're tossing around ideas for the book and for researching new Inscription glyphs.

Wait, what? Yer still discussin' it?  This ain't last summer no more - is Febura.... Feboo.... Frebarury..... bugger it. Is winter. And glyph books is still over 1000g a pop on the AH, and there's mebbe four of them. Is broken. Fix it already. Make the books drop in Cata zones, or let vendors sell'em, or make it researchable. Anything would be better than the silliness we gots now.


The Godmother said...

This situation is UTTERLY ridiculous, and just bears out how utterly, totally shagged certain professions are :(

I hope when the information for Pandaria finally drops next month we see some SERIOUS professions love coz this is ridiculous.

Disgruntled of Ironforge :(

tkc said...

Dey haz some ret pally fixins two due.

tkc said...

Heh! Wouldn't it be ironic if they fixed it by removing inscription from the game.

QQ storm in 3... 2... 1...