Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is Where Danger Mouse Has A Busy Day

Yesss, the dead chick, the walking abomination in the eyess of nature, brought the gift of life. I hope you appreciate irony, you creepy Night Elf sspirit thing. Now tell that druid to cough up ssome gold or I might become bitter.

Flayers. They eat ground up rockss. They tassste like the mud pies I ate when I was two. Happy happy joy joy.

Orc! Fresh orc! Tasstess like.... orc! No demon blood, no rotted flesh, no mud pie. Plenty for everyone, but for ssome reason my companions didn't want any. At leassst they didn't decide maybe they didn't want to join up with the Horde after all.

It's been three yearss. It's time for those Kor'kron copsss to get their fasscist asses out of our Undercity.

I am in pain. 
I am an abomination. 
I am hated and feared and loathed everywhere I go.
Dark Lady, watch over me.

Holy crap. Sscrew it, Rattersss can come kill this one himsself.

This world sssucks. It hates me and I hate it. But it'ss the only world I've got, Mr Twilight Cultisst, and sssince you decided you want to desstroy it I am gonna mess you up.

Fuck yeah.


Kayeri said...

::my rogue fistbumps with Danger Mouse::

Go, Rogue!!!!

Lui said...

Congrats with that hard slog to level 85 :D

Mud really? I always thought those Flayers would taste like chicken!

Ratshag said...


Maybe they tasste like mudhensss....