Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Ratters Would Fix* LFR Looting

*Fix = Make It More Like How I personallies Want It

I likes me LFR like I likes me wimmenz: fast and furious and sloppy. Okay, that ain't really true. I likes wimmenz what be slow and sedate and fastidious, too. But I's tryin' fer ta make a point, so just roll with it here, you buggers. Point is, I likes fer ta get in, kick arse, mebbe get some loot, and roll on withouts needin' fer ta think very much, because I has hella lotta fun that way. What ain't so fun is havin' fer ta stop an' check if'n I wants a piece of loot or not. Even less fun is havin' fer ta listen ta the drama what so-and-so 'cause of reason xyz. But what be the least fun be knowin' what sometimes I don't get a piece of loot 'cause it went ta some fluggernubber just 'cause he feels 25g ta him fer vendorin' it > useful epic ta anyone else.

So, I gots an idea on how Blizz could fix it. Well, make it better. Okay, make it better fer me. Yer mileage be on its own. Assign each item a number of times what an individual adventurer can win it. Once they's gotten it that many times, they cain't roll need on it no mores never ever again. Typicallies, this number would be one. Rades made a strong argument what some buggers might legitmatelies want two of an item, just forged and enchanted different, fer they's two different specs, so I could see settin' the limt ta two fer some dps pieces.  Also two fer weapons what can be dual-wielded. Classes like pallies and druids, I'd let they's tier token limit go up ta three. Or mebbe four. Goal be, don't prevent nobody from gettin' stuff they's gonna use, but add a limits how bad the system can be abused. Hopefully then some folks won't feel they needs fer ta get they's panties in a twist over whether some other bugger "deserves" loot or not, and less bitchin' is always good.

An' I wouldn't have ta stop and think if'n I should hit need or if I already gots. 'Cause I ain't got time ta think.


rev said...

This. I like this. Or something like this. Sloppy women are awes.... oh whoops i mean uh... the need lockout thing. Making the need roll option class/spec specific was nice. Now something like this would be a great next step to simplify the tom foolery, and not just for Ratshag.

Zellviren said...

I'm not convinced Blizzard are actually that interested in fixing it; if you consider all the reasons for it to be designed in the first place, it's hard to see them contradicting those reasons by trying to redistribute loot more "fairly".

That doesn't mean this is a bad idea. But even if it were implemented, some people would deliberately just roll alts to the item level required and queue to mess with people that way.

Yes, that's how much faith I have in THAT queue.

Anonymous said...

How about--make LFR tokens not worth any gold for vendoring.

Anonymous said...

How about--make LFR tokens not worth any gold for vendoring.

^^I know people that would still roll need on lfr tokens they don't need. Be it for trading or just to be an ass and not let anyone else have it.

Twice said...

@Zellviren Blizz has already commented a couple of times about how they're aware that it's broken and that they;re trying to implement fixes. It's better than it was on day one already, although still imperfect.

A cap to allowed need rolls would be a great idea. The token vendor already gives us the limit mechanics. Mages only have 1 item to tender the token for, Paladins have 3. I'd limit it to item plus 1 and be done with it.

Although that would really rduce the incentive for taking a half dozen Guildies with you to abuse the system. Not that I've ever done that...

Zellviren said...

I understand that, Twice, my point is more that that they're not likely to do something that might impact on those who can otherwise "legitimately" roll on something.

That's not really a reference to the obvious discrepancies such as hunters rolling on strength swords and the like.

Look at it like this:

"yeh i had the gere but i sold it cuz i wasnt gon play more but im bak now so need lootz lol".

I'm sure you can imagine it. x_X

Andy said...

Zell, the solution there is to prevent players rolling Need on something they already have (or can be bought with that something). If they sell the item or its associated tier piece, they can roll Need again (so long as it's disappeared from the Buy Back thing on vendors of course).

Ratshag said...

Yay sloppy wimmenz!

When Blizz announced the Transmogalypse, a lotta players (including meself) petitioned fer ta have vendored items restored what would be difficult or even impossibles ta re-farm. Blizz's response was an unambiguous "Sucks ta be you." So they is perfectly capable of sayin' no. Whether they would or not, I got no clue. Blizz is Blizz.

As fer people levelin' alts just so's they can roll on loot more times, I'm already doin' that. Why should that be a problem?

Tokens (or bags like the holiday bosses) could be a solution, but I likes rollin' on loot. Keeps me from feelin' like I's playin' a spreadsheet (even if I really is).

Yeah, we say we's gamin' the system, but we really don't actuallies pass that much loot around, does we? We really do it tagether 'cause we likes each other's company. Well, except Boo. We just bring him 'cause he pays fer dinner.

I thinks I done miscommunicated to ya. The point is tell ta tell thems what sell loot "tough titties" if'n they wants ta roll on it again. Only politelies, by graying out the Need button.

Tsuds said...

I vote for once you've won an item once, you can only greed on it ... eventually you'll run into runs where everyone has it and you get a fair greed roll ... let Bliz figure the mechanics.

Zellviren said...


I much prefer Ratshag’s solution. Yours, though not necessarily a bad idea, won’t stop people constantly rolling on things they can vendor.


I know what you’re saying about the transmogrification issue, but it’s not the same thing. LFR was designed with specific people in mind, so chasing those people out of the queue by stopping them rolling on whatever they like would be disingenuous.

As for alts, I didn’t communicate that clearly – rolling alts and gearing them up (you) is obviously fine. Rolling alts and gearing them, then messing with people by rolling for vendor items (cretins), isn’t fine.

And yes, I do know of people doing that.