Sunday, February 19, 2012

TRANSMOGALYPSE! Danger Mouse: Danger In The Shadows

Hullo. I am Danger Mouse. I am Forssaken.

Transmogrification. Sseems like everyone's going flashy. Raid ssets. Arena setss. Sskimpy ssets. Glowing smoke. Glowing sskulls. Glowing glowingsss. All to be noticed.

Screw that. In my line of work, getting noticed meanss getting dead. Even more dead than I already am. So I went with plain, simple, dark. Perfect for skulking in the shadows. Easy accessss to my throwing knivess. And a couple of ssturdy, reliable weapons. They aren't flashy, but baby, you'll feel them.

If only the Crab would let me dual-equip eyepatchess it'd be perfect.

Head: Nethersstorm Eyepatch
Shoulders: Shoulderpadsss of Asssassination
Torso: Tunic of Asssassssination
Back: NO CAPESSS! Ah-ha-ha-ha.....
Hands: Handgripss of Assassination
Waist: Defiler's Leather Girdle
Legs: Leggingss of Assssassination
Feet: Sure-Sstep Bootss
Main Hand: Conifer Club
Off Hand: Lockbreaker Sshank


Armond said...

Now I know what to get for my rogue. Cursed Vision of Sargeras might be nicer than the eyepatch, though...

Effraeti said...

I am very fond of this outfit. I agree, it is dark, inconspicuous and practical. Very appropriate for a Rogue - especially an Undead Rogue.

And I agree - Cursed Vision of Sargeras would be nice AND it would be kinda like having two eyepatches. hehe

~ Effy

Andy said...

Oo I wonder what that'd look like on a female dorf!

Ratshag said...

@Armond, Effraeti
Mouse sez ta her, the Cursed Vision don't say "dashing and adventurous" so much as "mustard gas victim". But yer mileage may vary.