Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Steamvault

Them damn pesky nagas was still up to mischief in the Coilfang Reservoir, and the Treehugger Expedition needed some blame fools hearty adventurers to go clear out the Steamvault. In particular they was wantin' Warlord Kalithresh taken out. So in we goes.

In addition to me it was Zinzi (who gives good resurrection), Throttle the room-temperature timker, and the hunter twins Aelion (who has miraculously recovered the use of his eye) and Bullvyne (who still got no depth perception). We hit the place with all kinds of crowd-control, sapping and trapping and more trapping and more trapping. Made me job easy, I tell ya. We took out a little goblin driving a big fuhggin mechano-walker name of Mekgineer Steamwalker, and in the wreckage I found this nifty piece o' joolery.

Then we took on Hydromancer Thespia, and she were a real bitch and a half. Had these two water elementals with her, and those pesky things could rumble through our two hunters traps like they wasn't there, which made the fight lots more of a pain. With lightning bolts. We all got stomped pretty good, but in the end we did her right and proper. We needs ta figger out how to fight elementals better. They's always givin' us trouble.

After that we cleared out some more naga minions and then we reached the Warlord hisself. He had a bunch of magic fishtanks. I didn't quite understand what the deal with them was (I can't be bothered to keep track of the details) but from time to time they'd all yell at "Ratter! Go hit the fishtank!" and we'd bang on it 'til it smashed. Then they'd say "Ratter! Go hit the warlord!" and I'd go hit his snakiness some more. We kept that up until he was dead.

So afterwards the Treehuggers gave us each a shiny new helmet as a reward (plus gold!). I got me the Myrmidon's Headress, which is a pretty nice brainbucket. It's got a socket for a meta gem, which I don't know nuthin' about. Gonna have to do some research. I also got my rep up high enough that the quartermaster was willing to sell me some cool junk. I bought this and this and this and this and this. I's a happy orc.

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