Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Freakin' Gun

I said I wants it, and now I has it. The epic Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer. Best damn gun there is for a warrior. (I hear it ain't bad for certain hunter types neither.) And it's mine. All mine.

Big thanks to friend-of-the-guild Dark for making it so quick after I sent him all the khorium and adamantite and felsteel and primal fire and primal air. You're a class guy, Dark. Unlike our resident tinker who's too damn busy getting pickled in the formaldehyde parlors to get off his bony butt and get his skill up and farm primal nethers.

Now, I admits I couldn't hit water if I was standing in a lake, but it don't matter none. As lomg as the bad guy knows he's being shot at, he's gonna come fight me, where I can hit him with my axe. And when this heavy-duty, loud-as-Mannoroth boomstick goes Ka-Blam! they know they being shot at.

I think I shall call it "Amy."

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