Friday, September 21, 2007

Gone Fishing

Give an orc a fish, you have fed him for today.

Teach an orc to fish, he is less likely to burn your village, plunder your shiny objects, and ride off with your cattle and wimmenfolk.

All through me travels, I've seen people fishing. At the beach in Durotar. Off the docks at Booty Bay. In the streams of Terrokar Forest. Even in the sewers of Undercity (blech!). And I've always thought, ya know, that looks pretty relaxing. And ya can eat the fish too! But I had places to go and people who wouldn't pay me ta kill, so there was never any time.

But the world has slowed down a tad. Yeah, there's still fighting here and there, but mostly the evildoers and nonpayers is deep in dungeons or floating castles and ya just can't go busting into them places every day. So I gots time. I head into Orgrimmar and buy a fishing pole and start fishing.

I don't catch nuthin'.

So I goes to the trainer. "'Scuse me, Lumak, but yer fish is broken."

"What? No! You dumb orc! You no swing pole like it an axe!"

"But how else do I get'em to stop moving if I don't hit them? Works for everything else ..."

"You bad fisherman. Here. Let Lumak show."

Well, he showed me how to attach a shiny bauble to me line and how to cast and how to real'em in. Most of the little fishies got away at first, but as I kept at it it got easier. Pretty soon I had a big pile of catfish and mudsnappers and whatnot. You know what? They taste like crap. But now that I know how to fish better I'm gonna go over to Booty Bay and pick up a copy of Old Man Heming's book. It's supposed to help you catch the better tasting, more filling fishies.


TJ said...

I've tried fishing, I really have. With every alt, I have such good intentions with regards to fishing and even cooking for that matter. But I just. Can't. Do it.

Totally respect those who can. Hell, I'm happy grinding 6 straight days on the same mob for a stupid non-combat pet that makes a constant wing-flapping sound that drives me crazy, but I can. not. fish.

Kestrel said...

ROFL! Now that's gotta be the best commentary on fishing I've ever seen!


Mana Battery Bitch said...

All I really want is to fish those damn pure water pools in Nagrand and be able to hoist up some Icefin Bluefish for pretty food buffs. I think I managed to break 270 last time I made a fishing attempt, but geez does it get old fast! And it only ever gets worse. That's a real encouragment there!

Oh well, some day.

Anonymous said...

Gee, i love fishing! It _is_ relaxing and it's a nice way of spending some in-game time if there's nothing else going on in the guild (instance/raid etc).

Not to mention the money you can make from it. Once you're able to fish in, say, Zangarmarsh you'll fish up a ton of scrolls, engineering crap, grey stuff that vendors pretty well -- and all the buff-food fishies!

Personally, I'd rather fish for a week than do a whole day of PvP. Yeuch.


Xaire said...

OMG.. I found the link for your blog on BigRedKitty. I love your posts.
For me lvling fishing was a hardship. It wasn't until my guild leader labled me a slacker arse did i lvl my fishing. Now i'm glad I did. Thanks for your tale

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