Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Now 20% Bold

So the other day my friend Zinzi says "Yo! Ratter! Me and some fellas is gonna go see what dem Shadow Council creeps is up to down under Auchindon. Ya tink ya can give us a hand, mon?"

Auchindon is the big freakin' round building in the middle of the Bone Wastes in Terrokar Forest. You can't miss it. Back during the second war the Shadow Council had a big "Oops" moment, which blew the roof off the place and destroyed half the forest. But the buggers survived and it was up to us to shut them down for good.

And shut them down we did. Ambassador Hellmaw: Dead.
Blackheart the Inciter: Dead.
Grandmaster Vorpil: Dead.

And then, deep in the Shadow Labyrinth, we found the Oops. Still going strong, and apparently being worshipped by those crazy yahoos. Biggest fuggerwhumping air elemental I ever did see, name of Murmur. Did this nasty sonic boom thing what dang near blew my brains out through me ears. Tough bugger.

But in the end we did for it, and what happened to be sitting on the ground underneath the big windbag? Why, the long-lost Shoulderguards of the Bold. Huzzah. I been looking for some shoulder armor for when I'm out killing things solo, and with the proper gems and inscriptions these should do nicely. Legend has it there are four more pieces of this armor set lying around Outland, deep in forgotten dungeons and such. Which puts me at 20% Bold.

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