Friday, April 27, 2012

Well This Blows

Was many years ago I done wanted fer ta make meself a Truesilver Champion. Borgosh Corebender done sent me down ta Tanaris fer ta get a buncha wind elemental farts, 'cause they was needed. Here be what I had ta say about it at the time:

"You know, it's harder than it looks to get those elemental farts. First, you gotta find the mutherhumpers, which roam all over the desert instead of staying in one spot like good little demonic manifestations. Second, when you do find one, ya gotta kill it, and they're pretty dang tough for a gust of wind. Third, the desert is crawlin' with basilisks and hyenas and giant scorpions, which are all pretty tough themselves. Finally, once you find the thing and kill it, ya gotta real quick like catch the fart in a glass vial and put the stopper in before it escapes. But I finally figured out which sand dune the buggers were spawning on, set up my camping gear, took out every dang varmint that tried to climb on my dune, and went to work. Took about a day and a half, but I got meself four breaths of wind."

Mostlies what I remember about that weekend were the glubberfumpin' waiting.  Waitin' fer a Gusting Vortex ta show itself. Wait some more. Wait some. Okay, there be one. Kill it. Okay, go back ta waitin'.

Show imaginify me reaction when I went back ta that same damn sand dune as part of me archeologifyin', an' I done saw this:

Yup, was Vortices Gustalatin' all overs the fluggerbugger. I coulda gotten me me four farts in like twenty minutes. If'n I still wanted'em. Which I don't no more, 'cause I already got'em.

Great Googly Moogly.


Moveable Press said...

Frankly, kids today don't know how easy they got it... :D

Armond said...

Great googly moogly, indeed.

Khol Drake said...

Experience is the thing you get ten seconds after you need it.