Thursday, April 26, 2012

If'n Ratters Was A Blizzard Non-Combat Pet Designer

Here's me suggestions fer some new pets ta add ta the game, fer the pit fightin' what we'll be doin' when Mists of Pandemonium done go live. Is one fer each category. Feels free fer ta use these, Blizz. Is no charge.

Aquatic: the Dreaded Armored Squid. Just as scary as it sounds.

Beast: Lil' Hank McCoy. Has with an' without blue fur versions.

Critter: Great googly moogly, ain't there enough critters alreadies? Fine, um, Varmint. Comes in colors - Brown Varmint, Black Varmint, Red Varmint.

Dragonkin: Zebra Whelp, 'cause them vertical stripes be slimming.

Elemental: Dallop of Whipped Cream. We ain't had enough representatives from the Plane of Deserts in the game. They's pissed about gettin' left outta Cata.

Flying: Fuhg. Ya can gives one an' everything.

Humanoid: Lil' Jack Sparrow. Wait. Sorries. Lil' Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

Magic: A top hat with bunny feet stickin' out. Hops around, like.

Mechanical: Remembers that Mythbusters episode where they done used a rocket snowplow fer ta cut a car in half? Yeah, one of thems, only little. The rocket snowplow, not the bifurcalated car.

Undead: Lil' Keith Richards.


Steve Hall said...

Lil Keith Richards/Undead. This. Right here. Now I know why every Forsaken in the game reminds me of someone in "RL."

Also last night I came up with a new profession: Wrangler. Can tame beasts (i.e., non-humanoids) as mounts, and can sell same. Haven't figured out the DPS increase angle yet.

Finally, in Beta, there are a couple pets just sitting in the road in Northern Stranglethorn. Dunno who dropped 'em, but I couldn't pick them up.

Jezi said...

See, Rats, ah done neva understood de point of dese "non combat" pets. What be de use of a pet if'n it don' kick nobody's arse for ya? Er at leas' hol' 'em still while you kick their arse.

So at leas' the li'l fluffs gon' have a purpose ta dey lives now. Pretty sure Mikey an' Zuelaka could still eat 'em all, though.

Fletcher said...

The top hat bunny idea is actually pretty neat.

Lui said...

Little Ratters companion ;)

Will amputate thee at the ankles!

Lui said...

Snort re Keith Richard - excellent!

Second Steve's suggestion of the Wrangler profession..... there is one particular fire maned druid in Org that I have my eye on!

Yes please to flying combatant (spelling?) pets!

Anonymous said...

nice idea.. thanks for posting..