Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some Definitions

 Oceanographer. noun One who studies the branch of physical geography dealing with the ocean. 

Limnologist. noun One who studies bodies of fresh water, such as lakes and ponds, with reference to their physical, geographical, biological, and other features.

Bugfuhg crazy OCD amazingly virile orc what ain't right in the head an' has way too much fluggernubbin' time. noun One who flies all overs Azeroth an' beyond fer ta get both achievements in a day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Gz! 0.o

Sephrenya said...

Well done! Did you fit all that in as well as maintaining your virility, or did something get neglected for a little while?

tkc said...

You feel sad for the lamp. That is cause you crazy.

Bonus points for getting the reference.

Stormy said...

Congratulations, Ratters!

Also, sexy SSO tabard FTW!