Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chip Off The Old Apocalyptic Block

Kinnavieve ain't been gettin' much attentions of late, what with me and Vyprania handling the Team's raiding responsibilities. Mostly she's been keepings ta the background, helping train and equip the next generation of adventurers. But last night she went on a mission fer ta stop Chilly Willy hisself, and she done found herself a snowball-chuckin' pet in the big pile of ice cubes what remained after the fight. So is big fat hairy congo rats ta Kinna!


Sephrenia said...

Gratz. Seph found a chip too - he's lovely :)

Dorgol said...

I got one on my DK as well.

Which would be great, except that I made a decision long ago that my DK will not use non-combat pets.

My Paladin, though, has 110 pets and needs moar! Guess I'll just keep doing this daily and hoping... :)