Friday, July 22, 2011

Going High Tech This Week

Cthulhu landed a solid victory, 78 to 48 over the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Meanwhile, only 55% of you was paying attentions ta the important instructions during Ghost Busters. Go watch it again, the rest of you buggers!

For this week's poll we's a little closer ta this here plane of reality. But not too much.


Grimmtooth said...

Well, the Dude does verily abide.

Saniel said...

Just so we're perfectly clear, is The Dude fighting Inspector Gadget or Inspector-Gadget-With-Penny-Watching-His-Back.

The answer matters.

JThelen said...

When Penny has his back, he wins because she handles business. When Penny is tied up, he wins through sheer luck. So either way, he wins.

Axeminster said...

If Inspector Gadget gets Penny, then The Dude gets Walter. In which case the good Inspector is entering a world of pain.