Sunday, April 17, 2011

Well, Ghostcrawler Did Promise Danger Mouse A Pony

What? Where iss it written that walking abominationsss in the eyess of nature can't have fun in the pool?

Giddyup, trussty sssteed. We're gonna head'em off at the passs.

Happy happy joy joy.


Shannara said...

got the mount, how?

Von said...

Nowhere at all, Mouse. Nowhere at all.

Ratshag said...


Mouse sez: By wading into the pond in the Goblin ssection of Org and ssitting down on it. (After I sstabbed and cannibalized the goblin child who was already playing with it, of coursse.)

Khol Drake said...

And what an adorable walking abomination she is, too.