Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is The Epic Spaghetti Tanking Trilogy

A Faceful Of Ogre Loins

Fer A Few Ogre Loins More

The Sword, The Board, And The Ogre Loins

Be a tank, they said. See the world, they said....


Saithir said...

But wait, there's a sequel! Is called "a lot of angry dragon's teeth". And some even say there's a hidden bonus episode "crotch of a scary big firey draenei-like guy".

Kusamoto said...

And a few more in the same genre' that someone needs to put on celluloid:

-The Outlaw Rat-glubberthumpin-Shag

-Twilight Highlands Drifter

-True Elemental Grit (and other worthless drops from enraged crushers)

-Unforgiven: For Ninjaing My Spiders

scotth said...

You could be melee dps, and look at ogre butt instead.

Nibuca said...

Ahhhh and -this- is why I'm a caster. Well that and tanking makes me curse.. kind of like healing.. and PVPing.