Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Don't Go Nowheres," Sez The Raid Leader. "I Be Right Back"

So of course Vyprania and her friends immediatelies runs and hides in an alcove. Of course, them silly buggers forgots what Jessika still could see thems all on her mini-map as soon as she got back. Hidefail.

As a fellow guild and raid leader what also gots ta put up with all sorts of tomfooleries, I feels fer Jess. I really does.

On the other hands, it do gives me an excuse what ta post a shot of Keredria's nekkid backside...


Kayeri said...

::pondering if Keredria is the tree or the cat at that moment:: :)

Keredria said...

Haha yeah that was so funny. Serves Jess right for thinking he was special and could take his own (albeit short) afk.

We did forget about the minimap and all the arrows on it pointed to our little alcove, but it was funny nonetheless. Shhhh we are hiding!!!

And Kayeri, I'm the tree... that kitteh ass is Fonzy. :)