Tuesday, June 19, 2012

BRB, Gotta Go Save The World: Palintera

Hello, 'licious. How are you today? The priests tell me you got up and went for a walk in the sun yesterday, and chased the butterflies. Would you like to do that again? With me? Maybe? ....'licious?

No? Just in a sit on the bed and stare into space mood today, huh? That's okay. I would have liked to chase butterflies with you, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I understand.

Um, I gotta tell you something. You know that dragon that caused those all those earthquakes and tsunamis a while back that killed a lot of people, including almost us? The one that did ... this ... to you? Well, the other dragons, the ones who aren't all crazy and evil, they think he's about ready to do ... something ... that will finish the job. Destroy everything. They think they can stop him, use this ancient weapon to kill him, but they need help. Ratters is there, at Wyrmrest, and, well, oh goddess you'd laugh if you could hear me, he wants me there too. Well, he wants everybody on the team, and, I mean, it makes sense that he'd want veterans like Kinnavieve and Phoenicia, but he wants me too. That's bad, isn't it? That's real bad that he's asking for me...

I gotta tell you, 'licious, I'm scared. I'm really scared. I mean, I've been fighting things for years now, and I've gotten pretty good at it, but I've never done anything like this. But I'm going to go, because they need help and it looks like there's no one else. And if Deathwing destroys the world, then he'd ... he'd destroy you, and I can't let that happen. We've come too far for me to let that happen.

I've left some gold with the high priestess,  just in case I, well, you know, just in case. You wouldn't believe what people will pay for those herbs that grow off the shores of Tol Barad, and ain't nobody can farm underwater like your girl Pali can. So, no matter what happens, you'll be taken care of.

I... I gotta go now. It's time. You be good, okay? Do what these nice priests tell you to, and keep trying to find your way home, all right? I miss you. I really miss you. I wish you could come with me.




Can you hear me? Can you, maybe, give me a sign? Anything?




All right, Deathwing. Let's do this. I owe you pain, fucker.


Anonymous said...

Dammit, Ratters. All my Pali/'Licious feels. ;_; Every time with Kinna too, by the by. I'm still holding out for a happy ending all around.

Sedna said...

Oh, Pali. Oh dearest. Ratters, you do know how to tell a story.

Rachel Pelton said...

I've read nothing from you before, I may read nothing from you again, I couldn't say. But without knowing anything about the characters, and only understanding the whole WoW aspect, I gotta say, it made me cry. Damn good writing man, damn good.

Ratshag said...

I's holdin' out fer a happy ending too!


@Rachel Pelton
Many thanks. I's glad ya stopped by an' left a note, even if ya only reads this one post.

Von said...

Still the saddest thing. I wept, a little.

Last line's awesome, too.