Thursday, August 12, 2010

Her Toes Be Froze, Mon

Hello, mon. Dis here be Alayda the shaman. Been a while, so you may not remember me. 'Sokay, chile, Alayda remembers you.

I reached mah sixty-eighth season in Nagrand, taming da wild spirits in dat land. I tell ya, mon, dey not happy after what dem demon-folk an' mage-folk done to da place. Coulda stayed for years, mon, healing da damage, but dem Earthen Ring masters tol' dis here troll I be needed elsewhere. So I took one of dem crazy goblin flying machines to da Northrend...

It be cold here, mon! I be tellin' it true. Mah skin would be a-turnin' blue, if it was not already. Ah-hahahaha-ha! I be t'inkin', it be too cold ta grow da ganja up here, an' dat be why dem Drakkari be so crazy.

Dere be a lotta dead mans here in da Howling Fjord, practicin' dey own kin' voodoo. Mouse, you hurry up an' get yo' self up here, chile! You fit right in!

Here be giants! Dese here Vrykul, mon, dey be twice big and ugly as Drakkari, and jus' as crazy in dey's heads.

"Keep yer badgers in the bank, for laters," say da boss Ratshag. "It not be a badger, mon, it be a emblem." "Same thing," he say.
I tell you, chile, every be goin' crazy in da Northrend.

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