Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, I ain't no Lorax, and the trees has tongues, but I gonna speak fer the trees nonethelesses. Is new expansion on the horizon, and everybodies gettin' new blingies. Some buggers is happy with what they's gettin', some not so much, but everybody be gettin' somethings.

Excepts the trees. They's gettin' they's tree taken away. The hey? Ain't fuhggin' right.

But Ratters, ya says, why you care? Ain't no trees in Team Ratshag. Why you cares? I glad you asked. The trees is me friends. They helps keep us tanks alive, they got that awesome Chubby Checker action goin' on, and I knows they'd be speakin' up fer me if Blizz tried fer ta take away me defensive stance er sumthin'

So I sez Blizz is bein' a buncha glubberdunkin' Once-lers. And I's speakin' fer the trees, whether they's Truffula or Resto.


Grimmtooth said...

Is it a movement? Is there a website that goes with it? Enquiring Gnomes want to mine! And link!

We support the tree!

Siobhann said...

Please, Ratters. You don't know what it's like to be stuck in a form where you can't hardly kill a mouse. I'm a full-time tree since BC and it's about damn time they made healing druids equal to other classes.

Hey priest, can you shackle that pesky undead and still heal? Sure, no problem. Hey, shaman, you mind helping interrupt with a shock or two? Sure, no problem. Hey, druid can you root that bloodbeast over there? Well, OK but you're going to lose my 6% aura on the raid, my MSS buff and a couple hundred spellpower. Y'all aren't planning on getting any marks, right?

Tree form was a bad idea to begin with. It was downright awful in BC and still bad in LK. Please don't support a campaign to keep druids from being equal to other healing classes.

Armond said...

Well said.

@Siobhann: What problems does tree have that can't be fixed by letting druids use more utility spells in tree form? I don't know a whole lot about tree-ing (read: LIEFBOOM DA TANK LULZ), so I'd like to know.

Ratshag said...

@Siobhann -

I were a tank in TBC - I knows all about not bein' ables ta kill a mouse. But I digressifies.

If trees not being able fer ta cast roots is an issue, then I sez they need ta fix the flubberduggin' roots. When there's an issue with druid tanking, the response ain't "well, tank with yer dainty elf butt and shapeshift only when the boss enrages." No, they gives the bears a new ability. Same should apply here.

Mac said...

I've contacted my local Arbor Day Foundation and believe they need to take up the cause.

Save Our Trees.

(Indeed give the tree more functionality in form. Don't take away the form.)

Keredria said...

Hooray! Thanks for the support Ratters. And yes, I am confused as to why we need to be able to dps.

From a similar viewpoint, ret pallys could theoretically spot heal if needed in their current form, as could elemental or enhancement shammys. However shadow priests or boomkins have to get out of form to spot heal. But you don't see the charge to take away shadow or boomkin form.

Not all dps or healing classes have to be identical. This cookie cutter mentality perturbs me.

Us trees mightily thank ya for the support :)

Kel said...


I lurves my tree form (even if I don't use it nearly as much as kitty)

Bell said...

<3 Ratters

Ironshield said...

I like their idea of Minor glyphing tree form || that way the individual can choose.

Course, why stop there?! bear form glyph and cat form glyph and moogly-moonkin form glyph?!

I'd tank bi-pedal if I thought on Maul I'd see a ghost bear animation!

Teloah said...

Wait, I thought that Blizz is not removing trees. A question from latest Twitter chat with developers:
Q. Why are Restoration druids the only spec in the game not receiving a new spell?
A. Restoration druids are actually getting a fair bit. For one, Tree of Life is getting a whole new model (think Ancients of War) and will also “morph” some of your spells to do crazy things while in the form, such as cause Regrowth to be instant, or Lifebloom to apply two applications at once. Tranquility will be raid-wide. We’re also touching nearly every Restoration druid spell to make sure each has a niche and feels good. In general, playing a Restoration druid should feel a lot different (better!) in Cataclysm than it does today.
Ancient of War instead of a pesky tree!

Ratshag said...

@Teloah -

Is not the same. 'Stead of a permanent form, like bear or boomkin, the new tree is just gonna be a short-term healing boost. Soon as wears off, they's gotta go back ta elf / taruren / whatever normal shape. Kinda like that warlock demonlology form what ya never see hardlies.

Rhese said...

Dear Ratshag,

If you were as undeniably handsome and overall desired by the ladies as I am, you wouldn't be arguing against this change. Do you have any idea how many swoons have been caused by a certain, unnamed nightelf suddenly popping out of Tree Form mediocrity right in front of an unsuspecting female?

Many. Many, many. The poor dears.

And of course, the less time we have to spend in tree form, the more time that leaves for the ladies to admire our rippling, purple biceps and chiseled abs. I have it on good authority that they appreciate that.

So do it for the ladies, Ratters, old buddy. Let the trees go...

An expert on these things,
~Rhese @ Proudmoore

Justamom said...

Druid forms is one of the reasons I love the druid and the tree is definitely my favorite. I may not be able to do much spells but I can last a long time in PVP and in the Fall druid trees are a beautiful sight.

I would be sad to see it gone. It "leaves" me feeling sad:(