Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Big Wall Of Purple

Is gotta say big hairy congo rats ta Kinnavieve, what done now has an epic item in every slot of her tanking gear. Is first time anyone in Team Ratshag done pulled this off. Back when I were raiding with Aetherial Circle in me dwarfish disguise I done came close, but I still had me a green trinket from Zangarmarsh days. Is were 'cause there were bugger-all for shadow priest trinks in SSC and TK and Hyjal, the places we was doing. I were hoping I'd get me a chance fer ta see Illidan and get him ta hands over Gul'dan's skull, him having been me second cousin twice removed on me mother's side and all, but we never progressed that far and some other glubbernudder in another guild done got it. Prolly the Mana Battery Bitch, who been missing in action ever since. But I digressifies.

Anywho, Kinna's packin' a whoppin' seventeen epics. Gotta give big thanks ta Flame, the Gun-Lovin' Dwarf Chick-Lovin' Dead Spacegoat Chick fer helpin' her out with the bracers fer ta finish the job. Though Kinna says Flame's a noob fer not takin' her money after. Hear that Flame? She's callin' you a noob! You gonna take that? I's tellin' Kinna she needs fer ta get her Explorer tabard outta the bank so as to have an epic tabard ta go with. Then we gotta finds a tailor what can stitch up an epic shirt. No idea what that'd look like, but she should have one. She's representing the team, after all.


Anonymous said...

http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45037 - loot card item. The card is currently about $30 on ebay.

Kirk what needs a nickname

Armond said...

There was an epic PTR shirt at one point (probably Ulduar PTR). On use, it gave you something like +15% all stats (including attack power, spell power, haste, etc). Was pretty epic, but for some reason never made it to live.

Kusamoto said...

Barring making Kinna so purple she's orange, you could always pick something suitably interesting to have her dress in, like the Pirate's black silk shirt, tux shirt, something pink...don't look at me like that; she might like pink.